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The Connected Customer Problem

  • No Customer Time/Attention – the average customer attention span has dropped to 8 seconds in and era of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th screen.
  • No Customer Trust Attention – brand loyalty is down and ad blocking is up, meanwhile 92% of people trust their friends and 70% trust their online peers.
  • A Plethora of Customer Choice and Media – given pervasive metatrends of globalization, connected devices and personalization, customers have exponentially more product options and influences.

The Connected Customer Gap

  • Emerging Trends and Technology – both marketers and agencies are shorthanded talent-wise to deal with the crushing pace of cultural and technology change.
  • Shared/Owned/Earned Media > Paid Media – a slow moving media/advertising industry, has not kept pace with more immersive, more social, more personalized and smarter ways of interacting with customers, ambassadors and prospects.
  • Customer Experience Gap  – even though customer experience leaders triple outperform the stock market, only 8% of customers believe their brand delivers a superior customer proposition.

The Wikibrands Promise

  • Strategic/Business Focus – we recognize digital engagement needs to provide business value not just be a “play thing”, it has served us well for 8+ years.
  • Market-proven Roadmap/Principles – we know the 12 things that the best digitally engaged companies get right, we have applied them in a disciplined manner with 100+ relationships..
  • Understanding of Leading Edge Technologies/Marketplace – we continue to retool our skillsets, stay abreast of key trends and market changes, field research surveys and curate the best content on future shaping forces.

“I’d rather spend money on things that improve the customer experience than on marketing.”

Tony Hsieh

Founder & CEO , Zappos

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