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Sean Moffitt : Outsourced Chief Marketing and Chief Digital Officer

An Essential Resource Covering off Your Business Transformation Gaps

Top Seven Client “Outsourced CMO/CDO” Needs:

#1 Need to Inspire Customer-Centric Culture and/or Digital Maturity?

Sean Moffitt has the senior client experience and the necessary leadership and change management skills to rally functional executives and bring down silos throughout the company to deliver tangible customer experience improvements and digital culture adoption.

#2 Build a Centralized/Sustainable Marketing Plan and Architecture?

Sean Moffitt works with your teams to audit & review business, evaluate slate of marketing/technology opportunities and provide a choiceful strategic marketing/digital plan designed for accelerating strategy, brand, business and competitive advantages.

#3 Require a Leader for Business Transformation through Effective Brands/Technology?

Sean Moffitt has provided business transformation skills in Fortune 500s, hungry startups and a variety of organizations in between, with a handle on the key strategic and tactical drivers across all change-related disciplines (e.g. executive, marketing, sales HR, IT, operations and customer service).

#4 Delivering something fundamentally new - a business model, innovation or technology adoption?

Sean Mofiftt and his partner resources and networks, are an independent resource that can help accelerate your business objectives and help manage through the change and disruption of launching new innovation in a fast-changing marketplace.

#5 Providing a Better Customer Experience Online and Offline?

Sean Moffitt can provide the rallying cry and magnet for integrating fragmented approaches to deliver customer experience improvements, loyalty and satisfaction measures, and net promoter scores.

#6 Lacking Engagement with Your Audiences/Needing to Tell Your Brand Story Across Multiple Channels?

Sean Moffitt has galvanized attention, buzz and advocacy for some of the world’s top brands and outlined the 12-step playbook for doing so with his globally-published book – Wikibrands.

#7 Requiring Experienced Expert to Lead Key Projects or Cover off Talent Gaps?

Sean Moffitt can provide a seasoned short term resource that can cover off a full range of key executive talent gaps (e.g. new roles, elevation of focus, maternity leaves) or special project leadership (e.g. brand launch/relaunch, upsized investment, strategic shift).

Feature Outsourced CMO/CDO Work:

Sean Moffitt’s outsourced marketing and digital leadership in building the MaRS Discovery District brand, story and engagement work in a advance of its next stage as Canada’s largest startup incubator and innovation district.

The 45-Day Deep Dive

Identifying current state of affairs, and key impasses and opportunities
  • Interviews/Ethnography
  • Strategic Evaluation
  • Industry Benchmarking & Audit
  • External Assessment
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Business Case Development
  • Final Report/Evaluation

The 120 Day Plan Development

From assessment to vision to plan in 17 weeks or less
  • Assessment/Objective (30 days)
  • Organizational Alignment/Vision/Goals (60 days)
  • The Operating Plan/Recommendation (90 days)
  • Prepping Portofolio of Projects/New Resources (120 days)

Outsourced 12 Month CMO/CDO

Plugging the gap between your customer-facing now and future
  • Executive Accountability
  • Planning/Strategy Responsibilities
  • Functional Leadership/Governance
  • Cross-Functional Communication
  • Leading Talent/Culture
  • Project/Resource/Budget Management
  • Work with External Vendors
  • Push Innovation/Change Agenda
  • Implementation/Deliverables
  • Measurement/Metrics/Insight/Foresight

Multi-Year Executive Advisor

Providing senior-level oversight over key functional areas and overall business agenda
  • Strategy/Planning Stewardship
  • Innovation Counsel
  • RFP Procurement
  • Marketplace Pulsecheck
  • Talent Transition/Mentorship
  • Executive Reporting
  • New Brand Positioning/Campaigns
  • New Product/Service Launches
  • New Technology Adoption/Rollout
  • Advisory Council Leadership
“In hindsight, Sean Moffitt was fundamental to bringing citizen engagement and social media understanding and expertise to the BC government. Most staff were apprehensive and uncomfortable with engaging more directly with citizens. We approached Sean to lead our strategy, education and resources to support staff as they embarked on this new way of doing business. Sean went above and beyond to prepare superior leadership, counsel, content and several high quality resources that could be used after the fact. Sean is extremely bright, enthusiastic, and a truly engaging leader who provided a deep level of insight that was exceptionally useful throughout the organization. Sean’s work has been integral to the BC government’s approach to citizen engagement today and his resources are still used by staff regularly now. Sean is a definite for government organizations looking to transform the way they do business.” Tanya Twynstra

Director of Citizen Engagement Government Communications & Public Engagement, British Columbia Provincial Government

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