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Digiball - The Intersection of Sports & Technology

Technology is changing how we watch, play and follow our favourite sports like never before – Invite Sean Moffitt to explore the future of all facets of sports through the lens of technology and new media.

Sean Moffitt's Sports & Technology Experience & Credibility

Previous Sports Business and Sponsorship Executive

Wearables & Sports Technology Enthusiast/Author

Massive Sports, Fitness, Outdoors and Health Participant/Fan

Twelve Facets of Technology's Effects on Sport

The impact of technology on the overall live, in-person sports watching.

The depth and breadth of sports followers, fans and advocates through technology, collaboration & new media.

The impact of technology on ticketing marketplaces and dynamic pricing.

The future health, wealth and sustainability of sport through the enhanced use of technology and new media.

The enhanced ability to arbitrate and judge sport through the use of technology.

The advancement of human integration with technology and how the definition of sport may change based on advanced technology use.

The increased ability to manage teams and train performance by users of technology.

The ability to determine and scout player performance based on advanced technology, analytics and media.

The changing experience of existing sports and development of entirely new sports based on the advancement of technology in the field of play.

The promotion, development and advancement of public health, overall wellness and fitness training based on technology aids and feedback.

The integration of technology and tracking mechanisms within apparel,, equipment and wearables for improved feedback, safety and entertainment.

The improvements of the away-from-venue viewing experience through the use of technology and new media.


“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”   
― Thomas Paine, American Revolutionist

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