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Product & Service Innovation

Nearly half your revenues should be coming from your recent product or service innovation  – stop thinking and start doing with Sean and his team to help your team design, validate, prototype and deploy new, radical products and services.

Sean Moffitt's Product & Service Innovation Experience & Credibility

Previous Strategy & Innovation Fortune 500 Executive

Forensically Understands Key Annual Shifts in Customer Behaviour, New Media, Technology, Culture and Brands Annually

Strong Ties to Technology Startup and Open Innovation Communities

Ten Types of Product & Service Innovation

Superior, more customized and/or distinctive form, functionality, features, aggregation and styling that deliver a tangibly better experience, user engagement, ease of use, safety, environmental impact and aesthetics

Superior method in production. logistics and/or service that may be proprietary, crowd and user-driven, lean/efficient, more standardized/localized, on demand/flexible, more automated and/or more predictive of future demand.

Distinctive asset and talent alignment with marked improvements in centralization, competency, cost, design, flexibility, incentives, integration, speed, standardization and/or value.

Enhanced system of product variety, sources, extensions, bundles, plug-ins, platforms and/or integrated partners,

Amplified, enhanced and better supported service treatment that incorporates better trust, personalization, self-service, holistic, added value and supplementary customer support.

Inventive methods on how to deliver and distribute products to channels and users including alternative, contextually-smart, cross-sold, diversified, direct, flagship, indirect, multi-level, on-demand, partnered, showroomed and social environments.

More sophisticated and meaningful levels of how to represent your organization to the world through: components, customer intimacy, extensions, first-to-market, partners, tiering, transparency and values.

Innovative ways to deliver revenue, affiliates, incentives, members, payments, promotions, subscriptions, transactions and purchase triggers.

Alliances that build overall value through better: brand attribution, integration of products and services, collaboration, efficiencies, franchising, sales & distribution channels, innovation bandwidth and access to technologies.


“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”   
― Thomas Paine, American Revolutionist

The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope

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The Digital Transformation Landscape

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Fast Forward Update #7-13 – Transportation Edition – The World is Getting Faster & Blurrier

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Fast Forward Update #1-6 – The World is Getting Faster and Blurrier

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The 2016 Personal Branding Survey

In association with Wikibrands and our upcoming presentation “Personal Branding in a Snapchat Age“, we are fielding our first survey pulse check on the role of Personal Branding.  Most of my history has focused on how corporations, startups and...
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