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Customer Experience & Insights

Great customer experience involves a complex series of customer interactions with your brands, services and various touch points, many efforts fail  — involve Sean and his team to deliver actionable, collaborative and pragmatic design and interventions that drive customer  transactions, satisfaction, word of mouth and ultimately business performance.

Sean Moffitt's Customer Experience & Insights Credibility

Managing Director of Grassroots Engagement/Word of Mouth Agency

Top Rated Thought Leadership on Customer-Driven Communities

Reinvention of Customer Client Experience in 12+ Industries

Fourteen Facets of Customer Experience and Insights Best Practices

Build a voice of the customer in your organization vision, embed it across all functions. Tell their stories as examples and motivators. Build their insights into your proposition. Ensure your experience has foresight and is built for your customer’s future.

Align functions and leadership to deliver a superior customer experience; have an ongoing voice of your employee in delivering customer-driven priorities and actions.

Design and rollout best-in-class, emotional, rewarding and seamless events, use and transactions that drive value, impact and positive advocacy.

Efficient, effective, relevant and social interaction and personality that are based on individual wants and needs.

Delivering pricing that maximizes customer value, company profit and dynamic flexibility to supply & market demand.

Create, nurture and engage the most involved and talented, highest value and biggest advocate customer communities.

Master customer online and offline interactions, visits, opens, clicks, attention, conversions and referrals that maximize customer lifetime value.

Sell, diversify and upsell solutions and services that enhance value and loyalty over products.

Deliver empowerment of front line employees to champion customer experience through skills, training, communications, recognition and rewards.

Eliminate pain points and amplify pleasure moments across need, search, consideration, purchase, usage, post-purchase, loyalty and advocacy phases.

Make brand available, actively present and motivating across a range of channels. Understand the pivotal emotional moments within that journey. Close the loop on partners and influences that affect your touchpoint impact.

Maintain and impose standards on customer service – provide friendly, responsive, first-time resolution of enquiries and real-time issue and crisis intervention.

Deep understanding and empathy for the customer and prospective customer through multi-transactional and relationship listening and identifying insights to addressable customer groups and individuals.

Hard data and diagnostics and soft measures to mark progress and performance vs. competition, visualizing and real-time dashboarding to direct executive, management and front-line action.


“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”   
― Thomas Paine, American Revolutionist

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