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Top Seven Client “Keynote Speaker” Needs:

#1 Getting Energized About a Cultural/Behavioral Shift?

Sean Moffitt is known for providing high energy presentations, that involve his audience and get people excited and nodding to proposed changes, through solid market evidence and strong affability and empathy..

#2 Need to be Inspired About the Future New Marketplace/Economy?

Sean Moffitt’s keynotes paint a story that, given the firehose of fresh insight and captivating examples, allows people to imagine the possibilities regardless of the environment.

#3 Want to Be Educated by a Credible Global Thoughtleader?

Sean Moffitt is able to bring to bear his exposure on a wide palette of important topics, backed up by primary research and interviews, and intensive depth of in-market knowledge on each subject.

#4 Partner-based Validation of Key Company Directions?

Sean Mofiftt works closely with partners to customize presentation content and recommendations based on client need and market situation. and provides credible external and independent strength for intended changes and direction.

#5 Require an Implementable How-To Playbook?

Sean Moffitt doesn’t argue about an imagined future nirvana, but instead provides pragmatic support and detail on how clients can turnaround tomorrow and take important steps to a better executable future.

#6 Craving the Voice of the Customer Inside the Company?

Sean Moffitt has always had a sixth sense on where the customer is headed, and frequently provides a microscope, periscope, telescope kaleidoscope to customer insights and ideas based on real-life market and customer observation.

#7 Need to Sway a Skeptical Audience?

Sean Moffitt’s ability to convey his message in an informal yet highly instructive way is invaluable. His message rings equally true for the most senior executives, as well as it does for the rank and file. His goal is to stretch minds and open eyes.through his considered opinions and depth of experience.

Feature Keynote Speaker Engagements:

Sean Moffitt’s decade-long experience across 50+ relevant topics  with leading events, trade associations, organizations, business teams and executives the world over.

Thought Leader Keynotes

Providing energetic, evidence-based presentations on key relevant topics.
  • Trade Associations
  • Thought Leader Events
  • Innovation Day Contribution
  • Business Teams
  • Governments
  • Not-for-Profits (special rates)

Executive Workshops

Going deep together and stimulating the first steps to breakthrough innovation(s)
  • Executive Teams
  • Company Cross Section Groups
  • Open/Hacking Innovation Groups
  • Multifunctional Business Teams
  • Brand Teams

Customized Ideasparks

Conceptualizing and bringing the best potential game-changing ideas.
  • Open Briefs
  • New Business Models
  • Harnessing Technologies
  • Tapping Marketed Trends
  • Specific Strategies
  • Targeted Audiences

Futureproofing Audits

Customized evaluations & presentations that evaluate current and desired future states.
  • Employee Audits
  • Customer Audits
  • Cultural Audits
  • Experiential Audits
  • Brand Auidts
  • Technology Auidts
  • Industry Audits

“Thank you very much for contributing to the success of the event with your knowledge, insight and passion for this important new economy topic. I have received numerous comments about how inspired people felt after your keynote and there was a lot of talk about needing to do a “part 2”. We couldn’t have dreamt up a better person for this topic. Sean – thanks for providing a wonderfully energizing and motivating presentation.”

Claire Griffin

Event Leader, Calgary Economic Development

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