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The Buzz Report – Tapping the Global Zeitgeist of the Digital Marketplace, Culture and Technology


  • DECODE the top Metatrend drivers that are driving business, government and causes ahead
  • SHARE leading statistical shifts, expert insights and in-market evidence that shows what actually is changing
  • FURNISH tools, strategies and microtrends to extrapolate opportunities specific to your audience, organization or industry.



  • Innovation Teams and MarCom
  • Executive Boards/C-Suite
  • Business & Strategic Planning Groups
  • Associations, Consultants and Agencies
  • Researchers and Business Analysts



  • Conduct annual global Buzz Report© survey with experts and industry leaders on changing beliefs and attitudes
  • Interview 25+ futureproofing experts on their best predictions for the the next 3 year future
  • Own proprietary Trend Mapping tool to help guide clients through their own extrapolated trends
  • Presenters and moderators seasoned in full range of general, cultural, economic, political, customer, media, technology and cross-industry trends

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