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The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope

The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope

As a companion study to our customer-facing “Customer Zeitgeist”, we’re asking digital executives, IT leaders, transformationists and strategic people dealing  with the connected economy, all about the emerging technologies and the changing digital world.

Let’s go deeper than just naming trends, let’s put some weight and timing to them and figure out what’s really happening now. We’re calling the study  “The 2018 Digital and Technology Periscope” and it follows up on a Digital Transformation Study we fielded last year.

We have got so many curiosities, we have divided the survey into two parts:

Part 1: Current digital practices and behaviours: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/digitalperiscope2a

Part 2: Future trends and predictions: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/digitalperiscope2b

Some of our 40+ questions include (the full question set in the slideshare deck below):

  • the most disrupted industries by technology
  • the biggest organizational winners and losers
  • top macro and meta technology trends
  • biggest elements for technology leadership
  • top opportunities and impasses for digital transformation
  • biggest bets and top ethical considerations for a technology future
  • understanding on the weights and mainstream timing for anticipated next wave of technology
  • where will organizations be investing the most
  • what opinions and biases people have on how to approach technology implementations
  • some fun questions on favourite tech-realzted Tv/Netflix shows and best tech advice you’d give the 19 year old you
  • and what’s changed from previous study’s reports


Our survey will open up in early 2018 and closeout in June 2018. As always, we will offer a range of benefits to respondents:

  • first crack at the topline report
  • ability to be credited for comments in our final report and presentations
  • a chance to win digital and technology-relevant recent books (see below)
  • an opportunity to collaborate and work with us as a technology futures guide

Six technology books to Win

Before launching, please let us know if you’d like to here:

  • be a respondent to the survey
  • invite us into your company to present the results
  • express your interest in being part of our Periscope technology guild
  • work with us to produce industry-specific content or executive report


Once again here are the two surveys:

Part 1: Current digital practices and behaviours (estimated time to complete 14 minutes): 


Part 2: Future trends and predictions (estimated time to complete 18 minutes): 


The Digital Transformation Landscape

The Digital Transformation Landscape

The Digital Transformation Landscape

Having looked at more than a hundred digital transformation models, one of the common frustraters I find is that each model seems very tribal.

CIOs author transformation models focused on technology and the inherent issues of integration, platforms, security, features and compliance with passing reference to end users and business leadership.

CMOs  author transformation models focused on acquiring and retaining customers talking up customer experience, new media, content/inbound marketing, tracking performance and revenue acquisition with passing reference to issues concerning the organizational change, integration, risk management and technology architecture and execution.

And yet another party – CEOs/COOs author transformation models focused on how to generate competitive positionings, cost and workplace efficiencies, strategic alignment, culture change and organizational speed and delivery with passing reference to functional-specific issues related to technology, marketing, HR, sales and finance.

All of these are incomplete. True digital transformation embeds itself deeply in organizations and changes the culture, behaviours, strategies and tactics of the business, customer-facing, talent leading and technology managing facets of the business.

We’ve attempted to build a more holistic model – including the key 5 transformation segments, 10 sub-segments, 20 expected outcomes and 90 sub-areas of transformation concern.  Let us know what you think and if we have missed anything.

Attached is a higher definition PDF to search all the intricacies of our new model  digitaltransformationlandscapeprecog

5 Transformation Areas


Fast Forward Update #1-6 – The World is Getting Faster and Blurrier

Fast Forward Update #1-6 – The World is Getting Faster and Blurrier


As part of a personal and new economy manifesto, I have been compiling the best examples of a society, culture, business and technology that keeps getting sped up.  It’s one thing to say it as a “throwaway line”, it’s another thing all together to find the evidence. I’ve been foolish enough to chase down various sources and work my way backward into history and forward into the future.

Here is my first initial instalment of 5 posts (x 6 examples) that point to a world that keeps getting quicker, faster and tougher to evaluate. These snippets once again prove that whereas “we may overestimate the change that is happening in the short term, we massively underestimate how much is changing in the near/long term.”

The key takeaways – embrace change, don’t get stuck on one paradigm, experiment and fail/scale quickly and become a daily, life-long learner looking at what’s changing constantly.

Here are the first ones…enjoy:

Fast Forward #1 – The Time We Spend on Digital Each Day (2008-2017)– yes it’s more than doubled over the last decade.

Fast Forward #2 – Digital Video The World Consumes Each Month (2008-2016) – and let’s just say PB = a petabyte which is a lot

Fast Forward #3 – The Number of Digital Devices We Connect To (2003-2020) – and since 6.6 is the average, many of us will have 30+ devices connected to us.

Fast Forward #4 – The Amount of Olympic Tweeting (from Beijing to London to Rio) – yes despite Twitter stagnation, this will be a social Citius, Altius, Fortius this summer

Fast Forward #5 – Global Social Network Audience (2007-2019) – in 12 years, we will have almost septupled the audience connected on social platforms

Fast Forward #6 – Global Internet Users (2002-2020) – our world keeps getting smaller and smaller

Follow or link to me for more Fast Forward Updates here, my website SeanMoffitt.com and a new eponymous venture launching soon.

Personal Branding in a Snapchat Age … and The Reason for SeanMoffitt.com

Personal Branding in a Snapchat Age … and The Reason for SeanMoffitt.com

Yeah that’s right, I’m just another blonde guy with a cause…

Here is my tale. After I left corporate life in 2005 and decided to take a full bite out of the digital apple, the daily grind of business networking, producing content, sharing ideas and getting your name out there actually seemed  pretty easy to me. There were fewer channels to cover off. The real authorities in this digital space numbered in the tens, if not hundreds – you could connect to them without the slightest suspicion. And the blogging age allowed even the independent underdog to look big.

Given how seamless it was to connect myself with people and prospects on these nascent spaces of LinkedIn, blogs and Facebook (once it opened up to us now graduated types), it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I thrived. It made sense to spend only a bit of time on my personal brand and a lot of time, working on my various startup and business endeavours. After all, I am a business person and value creator, not a social media ninja (shiver).

Dial forward 10 years, and it is so much more murky. As much as I feel so much smarter about the broader palette of the digital environment, there is always more, more, more. I check out for a month on client projects, and it feels like I’m already out of date.

The personal brand pin dropped for me a few years ago, almost by accident. I started getting weird messages in my inbox and misdirected tweets. It was about this guy Sean Moffett.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.16.28 AM

Damn! I thought I had been blessed with a distinct name (Sean Moffitt) and yet Sean Moffett, born in the same town as me, had just rocked up the personal brand Moff- charts with a radio show, a can’t miss, global sales training model and a Twitter account that had zoomed up past 100,000 followers in less than a year.

I’ve never met him before, but i have to say I was a bit envious and frustrated by the misattribution of our work. C’mon – I had written hundreds of blog posts, invested in daily media channels, wrote some serious thought leader content, spoke on many stages and even wrote a very weighty book. Was I destined to be the second most popular Sean Moff— in my very own town?

Now thankfully, it appears Sean Moffett’s bubble burst quickly, his Twitter account was suspended for some presumably nefarious practices and his international sales training business came to a close. His LinkedIn account suggests he has gone back to being a financial services manger for a local Honda dealer. I wish hime well. Personal brand identity crisis averted!

It did give me pause for consideration, if fame was so fleeting in a socially connected, always-consuming Snapchat age, what was I to do? 2016 marks a turning point for me. The industry around me has matured and so have I. I can’t just be present, need to invest in my personal brand and it starts here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.31.12 AM

I have decided on seven future directions to burnish my SeanMoffitt brand that have crystallized in the post you are reading here (hopefully some of the takeaways resonate with your own personal brand):

1.Welcome to SeanMoffitt.com – All my content, all my services, all my recent thinking in one place –  people may doubt that websites are important anymore, but they are when you need a hub for people to more deeply chew on your stuff or get a full sense of what a generalist like myself does. And the themes and software are so much easier to look good and stay updated. Welcome to my personal brand home – please kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

2.Personal Brand Takes Centre Stage – I have never been comfortable with being the self-promoting carnie act that is represented by the worst of my social media peers (you know them, I won’t name them). Perhaps it’s my awshucks Canadian-ness. Or I’d rather have merit versus bluster shine through. So I promise I will never become the Klout-chasing, spamming, douchey blowhard, but my pendulum does need to swing back. I undersell myself and shed the spotlight too often to others. I am going to climb out from behind Wikibrands, CSW and a host of other corporate brands I am affiliated with and spend time on promoting my own.

3. The Sean Moffitt Brand Proposition – hopefully this new focus brings some clarity to the age old question “what is it you do?”. The great thing about producing your very own personal brand site is that it pauses you to think what value do I bring to people. These are my six:Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 11.43.09 AM4. Sean Moffitt – The Global Thought Leader and Stage Act – I have been blessed with the benefit of speaking at as many as 45+ keynotes per year in some exciting locales, alongside some truly great thinkers and performers. All of these bookings happened through word of mouth – no peddling myself and no use of speaker’s bureaus. Being that loosey goosey has its advantages, but definite downsides. My personal brand move aims for better clarity, nimbleness, globalness and selectivity in my future consulting and stage gigs. Contact my publciist here.

5. New Business Chapter and Innovation Focus – after a recent trip to sunny part of our world (sidebar: I really should have used more SPF), I asked myself the question “what do I really want to do over the next 5 years?”. The mores? I will be doing more global work with impact, working with more teams and partners with more dedicated clients, delivering more C-suite innovation, emerging technology and strategic planning work, becoming a bigger bridge between digital and marketing – see my post on “the Rise of the CDO”. The lesses? I will be spending less time on new media tactical work, fewer pie in the sky projects and less energy pulling out my hair with crappy clients and valueless administration. More exciting news on all this later.

6.The rise of Content-driven Personal Brand Success – I am going to be more regimented in getting the content wheel moving again and keeping it moving. If I have promulgated the rise of inbound marketing, wide content syndication, smart content curation and partner affiliations, i should probably live the part, right? SeanMoffitt.com shall be my HQ. Check out my posts, the 4+ research projects I coordinate each year, the 12+ topics I consult on and the 40+ topics I speak about.

7. Purpose and Passion …together  this new direction and new site will act as lightning rod for people who think like me and more easily help link people who want to work together and think collaboratively. if you are heavily invested in customers, brands, technology, innovation and the future, we are aligned. Let’s have a conversation.


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