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Technology & New Media

Technology has grown to be the #1 C-Suite concern  – Invite Sean and his team to accelerate your organization’s digital maturity to troubleshoot your gaps, drive competitive advantage, optimize your customer experience, transform your talent and drive future innovation.

Sean Moffitt's Technology & New Media Credibility

Currently Lead Digital Business Transformation Consultancy

Audited performance of over 80 Marketing Technology Segments

Fielding Chief Digital Officer Report

Ten Facets of Technology & New Media Mastery

Digital, technology and new media visioning, executive & board enrolment, goal setting, strategic planning, investment focus, portfolio management, establishing targets, priority setting, tactical alignment, KPIs and measurement. 

Digital operating model, parent architecture and roadmap, platform choice and integration, vendor sourcing, asset, document and risk management and cybersecurity.

Revenue generation, digital journey mapping, automation/humanization touchpoint, enterprise-wide resource planning, mobility and applications, measurement and analytics.

Marketplace positioning, competitive audit, digital design & functionality, omnichannel deployment and consistency, technology & brand alignment.

Digital marketing, content integration & management, lead acquisition, user collaboration, shopper marketing, digital activation, social media, multimedia and digital mobility.

Targeting, delighting and monetizing customers, ecommerce, digital CRM, data and intelligence tools to support experience, digital touchpoint and interfaces, ethnography and digital user needs.

Executive engagement, talent acquisition, organization-wide digital literacy, training and capabilities.

Digital inspiration, education and catalyzation, upskilling & championing, recognition & rewards, governance and empowerment, employee, partner and supply chain engagement.

Open innovation, customer behaviour tracking, advisory panels, crowdsourcing, predictive foresights & big data, new business models and testable prototypes and pilots.

Tech-inspired innovation, acceleration labs, analog-to-digital conversion, integrating new technologies, digital services and payment systems and futureproofing digital media shifts.


“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”   
― Thomas Paine, American Revolutionist

The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope

As a companion study to our customer-facing “Customer Zeitgeist”, we’re asking digital executives, IT leaders, transformationists and strategic people dealing  with the connected economy, all about the emerging technologies and the changing digital world. Let’s...
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The Digital Transformation Landscape

Having looked at more than a hundred digital transformation models, one of the common frustraters I find is that each model seems very tribal. CIOs author transformation models focused on technology and the inherent issues of integration, platforms, security, features...
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The C-Suite Titles of the Future

The New C-Suite Titles of the Future?

Ask any CEO and they will tell you that leading a business is more difficult than it has ever been with more people and topics vying for your attention. A number of relatively new tribes of professionals are asking for their fair share of resources and management...
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Fast Forward Update #7-13 – Transportation Edition – The World is Getting Faster & Blurrier

Here is the second instalment containing seven examples that point to a world that keeps getting quicker, faster and tougher to evaluate in the “Transportation” industry. As we have seen over the last 30 years, massive disruption has hit the $4 trillion...
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Fast Forward Update #1-6 – The World is Getting Faster and Blurrier

As part of a personal and new economy manifesto, I have been compiling the best examples of a society, culture, business and technology that keeps getting sped up.  It’s one thing to say it as a “throwaway line”, it’s another thing all together...
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