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Welcome To Your Future

Sean Moffitt is a leading global authority, executive, author and keynote speaker, passionate about Customers, Brands, Technology, Innovation and The Future.

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The 2018 Customer Zeitgeist

Welcome To Your Future

Fielding the 2018 State of Customer Zeitgeist. Sean is asking the 30+ questions we always wanted to ask global customer-facing luminaries, experts and practitioners about the future of the marketplace.

Learn & Explore More
Companies, brands, not-for-profits, governments, startups and not-for-profits that have future proofed with Sean

Audiences That Have #Futureproofed with Sean

Sean has inspired and worked with hundreds of leading Fortune 500s, governments, not-for-profits, turnarounds and start ups across a variety of industries.

Why Not You? Take a Closer Look...
Sean Moffitt offers a wide palette of experience - tapping into new trends and business models, connecting with customers, leading winning business and tackling passion topics and headlines of the day

A Wide Palette of Topics

Unlike other “guns for hire”, Sean brings to the table over two decades of executive client and thought leader experiences on 12 key topic areas, backed by a global network of peers and current leading edge research.

Tap into Your Specific Need
Sean straddles the executive, technology, marketing, innovation and financial divides and not only talks a good game ...but delivers it through affiliated companies.

Talks ...and Delivers Innovation

Sean is a jack of all trades straddling the executive, technology, marketing, innovation and financial divides – he not only talks a good game on these subjects … but delivers on it though his network of 5 affiliated companies and 100 delivery partners

Building Your Business Value

Keynotes Annually

Global Delivery and Execution Partners

Global Innovator Advisory Panel Members

Core "Futureproofing" Topics Designed for You

Sean Moffitt's Six Core Expertise Areas

Skillsets for Facing the Changing & Connected Economy

Technology, New Media & Platforms

Sean’s team covers the leading edge of software, hardware and systems technology, new media platforms, tools, social and mobile media and applications and their adoption/implications to organizations. Check out Sean’s Periodic Table of Technology Trends.

Marketing & Brand Management

Given 10 years as a executive CMO and professional marketer, Sean credibly tackles the subjects of leading brands, storytelling, inbound marketing, content management, marketing efforts and customer engagement in the connected age. Click to find more about Sean’s book and company Wikibrands.

Business Model Transformation & The Crowd Economy

Sean follows closely the disruption of industries, how to transform industries and organizations to stay ahead of the curve, with strong coverage of crowd and collaboration-driven new business and social innovation models. Click on CSW2 for more insight.

Emerging Trends and Behaviour Shifts

Sean is passionate about what’s new, what’s increasing, what’s decreasing and what will impact your world over the next three years. More than just opinion, Sean canvasses the best global perspectives on what is really changing, for an example, click on our latest Buzz Report.

Product & Service Innovation

As part of many corporate innovation, incubator and education institutions, Sean is adept at re-articulating breakthrough and sustaining innovation of markets, finance, people, process, products, service offerings and delivery. Launching soon our own futureproofing network – “The North Collective” and our research report “Innovating the Innovators”

Leadership & Culture

As a former executive and client change agent, Sean promotes new theories and tactics that inspire and rally personnel, purpose, culture, structure and high-performing and high-affinity organizations. Invest in our management workshops to get your culture shift started.

Fresh, credible, engaging and easy to work with, booking Sean and/or his team has never been easier.

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Let’s Engage! Core Services Offered.

Keynote Speaking

Sean has spoken to corporate and event audiences in 20 countries, ranging from an intimate few to thousands of people. And he just happens to be pretty good (or so his previous clients say). How can he lift the standards of your next event?

Strategic Advising & Consulting

Big companies and small ones, have turned to Sean Moffitt when they need to understand how to build business value in the connected age. From one day “overview” consulting sessions, to multi-month on-site projects, he’ll show you how to drive massive revenue and value where brands, business and causes meet people, technology and culture. Let’s partner up.

Executive Counsel & Board Briefings

Sean regularly provides boards and senior executive teams with briefings on emerging business models, trends and technologies and their current and potential impact on industries and companies. He is focused on the future while you are busy “firefighting” your current quarter. Topics can be tailored to address your organization’s specific strategic issues, on a one-time or periodic basis.

Outsourced CMO/CDO Work

Sean and his team can fill the need of gaps left by executive marketing and digital talents (akin to a Chief Marketing Officer or Chief Digital officer’s role). Seasoned, forward-thinking talent who have done the job before and thrived. Bring us into your world.

Author & Researcher

Sean has authored a globally published book “Wikibrands – Reinventing Your Company in a Customer-Driven Marketplace” and many other research projects. Turn to Sean for your next industry thought leadership piece, video series or expert content.

The Futureproofing C-Suite

Sean is a network builder of C-Suite peers and thought leaders who work in faster companies and are curious to learn from their peers. We bring the leading executives and change agents together and learn how to make innovation part of their business culture and what futureproofing shifts will change the landscape we work and compete in.

The Customer Zeitgeist - Mining the Future of the Customer

There is No Finish Line

Every year, we field research with the world’s leading subject matter experts. In 2017, we are fielding the “Customer Zeitgeist”.

Read up and Participate in Our Latest Research

We not only cook up positive futures …. we deliver.

Sean leads a set of smart brains, passionate hearts, nimble arms and legs to deliver on what he speaks about.

Delivering Better Futures

The intersection of business innovation and technology

Delivering Better Marketing

The intersection where business meets digital

Delivering Better Crowds & Collaboration

The intersection of crowds and value

Delivering Better Commerce

The Intersection of participation and revenues

Delivering Better Business Transformations

Accelerating your digital/business maturity.

Join Sean’s Expert Innovator’s Network

Let’s collaborate and build the best collection of innovative minds together and watch sparks fly. Have you been described as one of these below..

A Global Hive of Minds

The new economy runs on collaboration, so let’s build the smartest, most enlightened hive of minds and work together on projects.

The Futureproofers

Become involved in our upcoming video series and podcasts and discuss the key trends and innovation topics with a global set of future-thinking personalities/.

Report Contributors and Survey Panel

Be the first to turn to when our thought leadership pieces pop up and also be the first to get your hands on the toppling results.

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