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Envisioning our sports of the future from all perspectives – teams & leagues, media and venues, coaches and talent evaluators, sponsors, fans and ticket buyers, high performance and armchair athletes and general societal, wellness and heath.


  • Best Predictions on How Sports and Fitness Orients itself in the Year 2025
  • Trends and Projections on Existing, New and Fading Aspects to Sport & Fitness
  • Technology Metatrends Affecting the Business of Sport
  • Technology Metatrends Affecting the High Performance Player
  • Technology Metatrends Affecting the Fan, Online, in Broadcsst Media and In-Venue
  • Technology Metatrends Affecting The Weekend Athlete
  • Technology Metatrends on Media & Sponsors
  • Implications of Technology Affecting Sports Mid-to-Longer term


  • 80 page Research Report
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Appendix of Survey Results and Predictions

Options: Keynote Presentation/Workshop, Strategic Consulting & Toolls,  Ongoing Executive/Board Counsel


  • Interviews with key 60 global professional sports, health & fitness, athletic performance and sports technology experts
  • Global survey results and predictions
  • Key trend forecasts, implications and expert commentary


  • Sports, Sponsorship & Event Industry professionals and -curious
  • Technologists, Digiterati and Hackers
  • Marketing, Media, Sales and Advertising
  • Futurists, Strategists, Planners & Researchers
  • Health, Fitness & Wellness Industry

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