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“Over the past 7 years, I have witnessed Sean Moffitt’s research and thought leadership, bringing a new light to the future of collaboration, innovation and social media used to drive high performance step changes in marketing. The path forward he presented to us is bright, helping change the landscape in an area ready for consumer driven, open innovation.”

David Smith

Global Managing Director, Accenture

“The World Alliance of YMCAs is in full support of Sean’s effort on the YMCA Global Digital Accelerator. Thanks to Sean for leading this brilliant project that is a real ticket to the future and will help us to reach more young people engaging them in modern technologies worldwide.”

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik

Secretary General , World Alliance of YMCAs

“Thank you very much for contributing to the success of the event with your knowledge, insight and passion for this important new economy topic. I have received numerous comments about how inspired people felt after your keynote and there was a lot of talk about needing to do a “part 2”. We couldn’t have dreamt up a better person for this topic. Sean – thanks for providing a wonderfully energizing and motivating presentation.”

Claire Griffin

Event Leader, Calgary Economic Development

“In hindsight, Sean Moffitt was fundamental to bringing citizen engagement and social media understanding and expertise to the BC government. Most staff were apprehensive and uncomfortable with engaging more directly with citizens. We approached Sean to lead our strategy, education and resources to support staff as they embarked on this new way of doing business. Sean went above and beyond to prepare superior leadership, counsel, content and several high quality resources that could be used after the fact. Sean is extremely bright, enthusiastic, and a truly engaging leader who provided a deep level of insight that was exceptionally useful throughout the organization. Sean’s work has been integral to the BC government’s approach to citizen engagement today and his resources are still used by staff regularly now. Sean is a definite for government organizations looking to transform the way they do business.”

Tanya Twynstra

Director of Citizen Engagement Government Communications & Public Engagement, British Columbia Provincial Government

“Before North America had fully adopted Movember, Sean was there helping shape our thinking around digital engagement and fundraising, key local hubs of passion, social media promotion, online influencer engagement and sponsorship. From a handful of people and some smart ideas, we’ve now grown a cause that has led to millions of men living healthier, happier lives and thank Sean for his pioneering passion, vision and digital expertise

Adam Garone

Co-Founder & CEO, The Movember Foundation

“Sean was a pleasure to work with collaborating with our Canadian Chief Marketing Executives. He was professional in his approach leading up to our events and his presentations and tools were a hit with my members. Better still, he is very personable and he invested a substantial amount of his time interacting with our members during the breaks, customizing his advice by industry, providing additional consultation and seasoned advice and lowering the fear factor for disruption and change. Amazing job!

Perry Eisenschmid

Vice President, Conference Board of Canada

“We were thrilled with Sean’s dedication to the YMCA. He helped us build a strong understanding of digital engagement across the YMCA federation. Through delivering inspiring and entertaining presentations, to the development of best-in-class vision, strategies, digital engagement education, guidebooks and policies, Sean’s energy and passion is infectious. He’s a ton of fun to work with, and also has a deep and detailed knowledge of everything digital. I highly recommend Sean for any digital and business transformation work, speaking engagements and strategic planning and creative innovation sessions!”

Meghan Reddick

Vice President, Marketing & Communications, YMCA Canada

“Feedback has been great from our clients & senior leaders, and Wikibrands’ role was a huge part of our success. The wide variety of content and clear thought-leadership has been identified as one of the most positive feedback areas. Sean Moffitt is a real pro with a clear passion for and knowledge of this critical time for marketers and broader organizations. Hoping we have the opportunity to collaborate again soon.”

Steven Churchill

President, Nielsen

“Sean Moffitt and his team came in to engage with our executives and staff at Vancity Credit Union, teaching us trends and tips on new marketing and technologies. Their ability to convey a message in an informal yet highly instructive way is invaluable. Their message rang equally true for our most senior executives, as well as our rank and file. You could almost hear the minds being stretched and eyes being opened. I haven’t encountered many firms like working with Sean and his team, and value their opinions and experience very highly.”

William Azaroff

VP, Community & Development, VanCity Credit Union

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