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Marketing & Brand Engagement

The marketplace is awash with choice and media clutter and your consumer have extremely low levels of time, attention and trust, what’s a brand to do?  Connect with global brand and marketing expert Sean to reinvent your brand and marketing in a customer-driven marketplace.

Sean Moffitt's Marketing & Brand Engagement Credibility

Authored Well-Acclaimed and Globally Published Book on the Subject

Interviewed and Gleaned Learnings from Top 100 Engaged Brands

Former Brand Executive/CMO at tier one Marketing Organizations

Twelve Facets of Marketing & Brand Engagement in a Customer-Connected Marketplace

The strategic, organizational and customer collaborative imperatives of your marketing and brand engagement efforts.

The “face”, tone and context that you present your brand to your potential audience.

The motivating, buzzworthy and consistent concept and narrative that will resonate with your target audience.

The intrinsic, extrinsic and exploit rewards, motivations and outputs that will stoke stakeholder’s participation and ambassadorship for your brand.

The explicit laws, general principles and loose customs and traditions that given your engagement with your community.

The infrastructure, software, features, activities and social extensions where you participate across paid, earned, shared and owned media.

Key measures, data, feedback and insight generated to track brand and engagement progress and marketing performance.

The steps involved to optimize and bring value to engagement efforts inside the organization.

The phases, organization and scaling of healthy, organically growing communities of fans, users and customers around your brand.

The resourcing, training and forums for stakeholder feedback, market intelligence, collaborative innovation and customer service.

The purpose, staffing, dialogue and activities for brand-led, shared and user-led communities.

The  business transformation resulting from brand and marketing activities.


“Lead, follow or get out of the way.”   
― Thomas Paine, American Revolutionist

The Digital Transformation Landscape

Having looked at more than a hundred digital transformation models, one of the common frustraters I find is that each model seems very tribal. CIOs author transformation models focused on technology and the inherent issues of integration, platforms, security, features...
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Fast Forward Update #1-6 – The World is Getting Faster and Blurrier

As part of a personal and new economy manifesto, I have been compiling the best examples of a society, culture, business and technology that keeps getting sped up.  It’s one thing to say it as a “throwaway line”, it’s another thing all together...
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The 2016 Personal Branding Survey

In association with Wikibrands and our upcoming presentation “Personal Branding in a Snapchat Age“, we are fielding our first survey pulse check on the role of Personal Branding.  Most of my history has focused on how corporations, startups and...
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The Digital Olympic Touchstones – What has Changed since 2008?

In a world that is all about “what happened two minutes ago”, the Olympics represent a once-every-four-year touchstone on what really has changed in the world. Although Beijing 2008 (remember that crazy lit-up swimming pool) and London 2012 (I seem to...
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The Impact Age – A Digital Timeline and The Sixth Stage of The Digital Era

Tim Berners-Lee invented the worldwide web 27 years ago. With the average age of first time moms hovering between 26 and 30 years in most developed countries, that’s about one generation in real-life terms. Pause. Reflect. My lord, we have experienced a lot of...
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