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“A must-read for business leaders, managers, and just about anyone who wants to recognize and tap into the incredible creative energy of customers and stakeholders.”

Richard Florida

Best Selling Author, Professor and CEO, Martin Prosperity Institute and Rotman School of Management

“This is an important, perhaps seminal book. It was inspired by a multi-million research program,  Sean Moffitt as our outstanding thought leader and produced some profound new thinking about the “brand”. I encouraged them to write a book to develop their findings, and the result is a profound and stimulating work with far-reaching implications for anyone who cares about marketing.”

Don Tapscott

Global Thoughtleader and Media Theorist, Global Solutions Networks, Wikinomics & World Economic Forum

What's it All About

In “Wikibrands“,  acclaimed media marketing experts Sean Moffitt show you how to take advantage of the exciting new models of business and technologies–and enthusiastic online communities–one click at a time.

Built on continuing research from Don Tapscott’s trailblazing $10 million research project, which formed the basis of bestselling books such as Wikinomics and “Grown Up Digital,” this book delivers hundreds of the best examples from today’s most successful businesses.

You’ll learn how to: ENGAGE THE CUSTOMER through social influence, word of mouth, and user-generated content CREATE AN EXPERIENCE affected by customer-driven ratings, reviews, and online culture BUILD A COMMUNITY through microblogging, prosumerism, and crowdsourcing MAKE A CONNECTION that is truly authentic, collaborative, and value enhancing

Whether you work with an established business and are looking to make it relevant to today’s “wikiconsumers” or are launching a start-up from scratch, Wikibrands offers countless creative ideas for defining and reaching out to your target audience.

You’ll find refreshing new ways and a FLIRT model to help you open up an honest dialogue with your customers, attract a ready-made fan base through shared interests, and even work with other businesses toward a mutually rewarding goal. These are the latest tricks of the trade, used by hot brand names such as Mozilla Firefox, lululemon, and Zappos; industry giants Starbucks, Dell, and Harley-Davidson; and other less well-known organizations.

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