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Sean Moffitt : Executive Counsel & Board Briefings

Futureproofing Your Executive on Emerging Marketplace & Technology Shifts

Top Seven Client “Executive Counsel/Board Briefing” Needs:

#1 Require Accelerated Thinking on a Key Market Driver?

Sean Moffitt provides the latest thinking on key relevant topics through connection to the global experts, exposure to the latest research and curation of the best secondary research

#2 Blind to Emerging Threats and Disruptive Technology?

Sean Moffitt provides pragmatic understanding of your near futures based on executive general management orientation, ability to cess out implications and track record in forecasting the future.

#3 Unable to Project Future Marketplace Needs & Opportunities?

Sean Moffitt lives and breathes your ear futures with frequent exposure and connection to technologists, strategists, designers, startups, fast moving change agents and innovative organizations .

#4 Tough Consensus on Complex Marketplace Environments?

Sean Mofiftt has a knack in understanding what’s important, and what’s distracting and deliver a rich, evidence-based and external viewpoint on how marketplaces and industry shifts evolve through over 100+ innovation diagnosis models.

#5 An Absence of Breakthrough Business Transformation Ideation & Innovation?

Sean Moffitt is prolific in expanding your range of possible breakout options in delivering expanded revenue, culture and brand building opportunities through better market definitions and benchmarking, new market-demand avenues, reapplication of game-changing technologies and harnessing cross-category success drivers.

#6 Impasse in Delivering Innovation Capabilities?

Beyond breakthrough ideation, Sean Moffitt is able to harness a track record of delivering innovation capabilities through: better project selection and risk assessment, mindful operational and commercialization considerations, fostering leadership, managerial and cultural factors, piloting customer and community value-adds, and considering supply chain and platform options.

I#7 Insufficient or Small Partnership and Network Footprint?

Given his history in delivering influencer networks, current relationships with a broad group of stakeholders and an ability to parlay future partnerships, Sean Moffitt is able to expand the footprint of strategic partners, vetted suppliers, important opinion leaders and influencers quickly, on behalf of companies he works with.

Feature Executive Counsel/Board Briefings Work:

Sean Moffitt’s ongoing collaboration with the global alliance of YMCAs on youth engagement, technology enablement and healthy futures.

Executive Presentations

Providing snapshot updates on key marketplace hot button topics
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Deep Dive Analysis
  • Performance Audits
  • Employee Analysis/Surveys
  • Customer Analysis/Surveys

Trend Briefings/Updates

Tracking shifting directions of key macro and micro trends affecting your business
  • Leading Trend Drivers
  • Annual Reports
  • Market Shifts
  • Survey Results
  • Customized Concepts

Advisory Panel Leadership

Stewarding periodic and ongoing outside-in intelligence & innovation.
  • Influencers
  • Ambassadors
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Opinion Leaders
  • Thoughtleaders/ Tastemakers

Fusion Labs

Cross industry partnering with, sharing of and collaborating on best practices on core opportunities/issues.
  • Leaders/CXOs
  • Executive Teams
  • Business Teams
  • Focus Departments
  • Customer Experience Owners

“The World Alliance of YMCAs is in full support of Sean’s effort on the YMCA Global Digital Accelerator. Thanks to Sean for leading this brilliant project that is a real ticket to the future and will help us to reach more young people engaging them in modern technologies worldwide.”

Johan Vilhelm Eltvik

Secretary General , World Alliance of YMCAs

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