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The 2018 Buzz Report – The Essential 30 Metatrends Driving Business, Culture and Life Ahead

The 2018 Buzz Report – The Essential 30 Metatrends Driving Business, Culture and Life Ahead


  • Exploration of the top 30 key transformational or transcendent phenomenona – factors sorted by ranking, size and projected change
  • Big socio-economic, marketplace, cultural, technology, regulatory and cultural trends
  • Implications for your organization and how to can harness these movements


  • What are the underlying key motivations and transformation drivers behind what is really happening across all facets of business, culture and life?


The world is getting faster and blurrier moving 5X faster than it ever has. Who can help us predict a fast moving future?

    It’s tough to stay on top of everything in your current world and then follow the trail of what may confront your business next year, the following year or the next 5 years. Let Sean and Wikibrands blaze the trail ahead of time and provide helpful perspective around the trend importance, ranking, historical perspective, market/cultural/industry evidence and key implications



  • PROVIDE a thorough macro-perspective for senior leaders to understand and simplify what’s going on around them
  • PROJECT how these changes will affect industries and develop over the next few years
  • EXCITE teams on what they can do within their worlds to tap and harness these trends


  • We’ve conducted annual research studies for the last decade on key market-changing factors
  • We’ve defined the 30 core trends that have developed over the last year with key statistics, perspective and evidence
  • We’ve developed trend-mapping exercises to make trends have real practical next steps for clients
  • We’ve delivered energetic keynotes, favourably received in more than thirty countries on a broad spectrum of relevant subjects and audiences
Top 5 Qualities of Content:
  • Big Thinking/Big Picture
  • Navigating the Marketplace
  • Work, Life and Culture-enhancing
  • Energetic and Inspiring
  • Intellectually Curious
Ideal Audience:
  • Executive teams
  • Company & Business Teams
  • Government, Public Services and Policy makers
  • Events, Associations and Media
  • Planners, Strategists, Change Agents and R&D
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Executive Updates
  • Business team Workshop
  • Thought Leadership Content Series
  • Innovation Kickoff

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The Buzz Report – Tapping the Global Zeitgeist of the Digital Marketplace, Culture and Technology

The Buzz Report – Tapping the Global Zeitgeist of the Digital Marketplace, Culture and Technology


  • DECODE the top Metatrend drivers that are driving business, government and causes ahead
  • SHARE leading statistical shifts, expert insights and in-market evidence that shows what actually is changing
  • FURNISH tools, strategies and microtrends to extrapolate opportunities specific to your audience, organization or industry.



  • Innovation Teams and MarCom
  • Executive Boards/C-Suite
  • Business & Strategic Planning Groups
  • Associations, Consultants and Agencies
  • Researchers and Business Analysts



  • Conduct annual global Buzz Report© survey with experts and industry leaders on changing beliefs and attitudes
  • Interview 25+ futureproofing experts on their best predictions for the the next 3 year future
  • Own proprietary Trend Mapping tool to help guide clients through their own extrapolated trends
  • Presenters and moderators seasoned in full range of general, cultural, economic, political, customer, media, technology and cross-industry trends

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