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The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope

The 2018 Digital & Technology Periscope

As a companion study to our customer-facing “Customer Zeitgeist”, we’re asking digital executives, IT leaders, transformationists and strategic people dealing  with the connected economy, all about the emerging technologies and the changing digital world.

Let’s go deeper than just naming trends, let’s put some weight and timing to them and figure out what’s really happening now. We’re calling the study  “The 2018 Digital and Technology Periscope” and it follows up on a Digital Transformation Study we fielded last year.

We have got so many curiosities, we have divided the survey into two parts:

Part 1: Current digital practices and behaviours: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/digitalperiscope2a

Part 2: Future trends and predictions: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/digitalperiscope2b

Some of our 40+ questions include (the full question set in the slideshare deck below):

  • the most disrupted industries by technology
  • the biggest organizational winners and losers
  • top macro and meta technology trends
  • biggest elements for technology leadership
  • top opportunities and impasses for digital transformation
  • biggest bets and top ethical considerations for a technology future
  • understanding on the weights and mainstream timing for anticipated next wave of technology
  • where will organizations be investing the most
  • what opinions and biases people have on how to approach technology implementations
  • some fun questions on favourite tech-realzted Tv/Netflix shows and best tech advice you’d give the 19 year old you
  • and what’s changed from previous study’s reports


Our survey will open up in early 2018 and closeout in June 2018. As always, we will offer a range of benefits to respondents:

  • first crack at the topline report
  • ability to be credited for comments in our final report and presentations
  • a chance to win digital and technology-relevant recent books (see below)
  • an opportunity to collaborate and work with us as a technology futures guide

Six technology books to Win

Before launching, please let us know if you’d like to here:

  • be a respondent to the survey
  • invite us into your company to present the results
  • express your interest in being part of our Periscope technology guild
  • work with us to produce industry-specific content or executive report


Once again here are the two surveys:

Part 1: Current digital practices and behaviours (estimated time to complete 14 minutes): 


Part 2: Future trends and predictions (estimated time to complete 18 minutes): 


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